Parkour Charity Jam

Past Jams

Here you will find summaries of the New England Parkour Charity Jam events of the past.


Our third annual jam took place on Sunday, September 2nd and Monday, September 3rd.  Our first day was at the UMass Amherst campus and our second day was in and around Harvard Square.  A total of 26 people attended and donated, and we raised $375 for charity.  The donors voted and we put our money towards the creation of a school rock gym in Massachusetts.  Read about the full project on Adopt-a-Classroom here.  We also had a raffle for a parkour t-shirt of the winner's choice, and Travis Swain was our winner.

We were also lucky enough to have some great publicity before and after the jam.

Boston Events Insider did a nice little write-up to promote our event here

Jackie Hai did a great article with awesome pictures on the jam for UMass Amherst here

Travis Swain made an awesome video documenting our time at UMass Amherst on Day 1 below.  If the video doesn't work, click here.


Maura Hanrahan took some great photos of Day 2 below.  If you can't see them, click here.

hanrahan21's Third Annual Parkour Charity Event album on Photobucket

 Nicolas Winocur also took some amazing photos, available here.  Please email us for access.

Jackie Hai's photos of the event can also be seen here, along with her other fantastic photography.


Our second annual charity jam took place on Sunday, August 14th, 2011.  Again it was in Boston, and we started at City Hall and migrated to some wonderful parkour spots around the city.  The fundraising for this one worked a little bit differently.  Instead of having people collect pledges, we just charged people $15 to come to the jam, and all of that money went to educational charity projects from  We selected several projects that related to the ideals of parkour and had community members who donated to the jam vote on which projects they'd like to see funded.  In the end, we wound up raising $270.67, which fully funded one project and partially funded another.  To see details of the projects we funded as well as thank-you notes from the teachers and students we helped, click here to visit our profile.  While the dollar amount collected was smaller than the previous year, the donations were more evenly spread out among participants, donors had a say in how their money was spent, and most importantly, the impact of the donation was significant and immediate.  We don't currently have a video recap or many photos of this jam, so we encourage anyone who went to email us if you'd like to share anything you collected from the event.  



The first jam was planned as a full-weekend event, from Friday, September 10th to Sunday September 12th.  The idea was to have people pledge money based on the amount of time spent training, and the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.  The initial location was the Baby Pool in Boston, but the jam wound up traveling to many of Boston and nearby Cambridge's hot spots.  We raised $415 and every penny went to the American Cancer Society.  Click here to find a video recap of the event compiled by Ninja (youtube made him change the original music due to copyright, and it's not embedding properly, but it's still a good recap of the event).