Parkour Charity Jam

How this works

 To make it simple for everyone, we're just going to ask every participant for $15 to come and jam with us (CASH ONLY).  You are certainly welcome to donate more than this, but $15 is our minimum donation guideline per day.  However, if you come to the first day, we will ask you for only a $10 donation on the second day.

You can get this money by asking family, friends, coworkers, etc. to sponsor you in this parkour charity event, or you can simply fork over the money yourself.  Every penny (including change found on the ground during the jam) goes to the charity project(s) from which will be voted on by participants/donors and determined after the event takes place.  (An online poll will be added to this page after the event.)

If you or someone who donated to you would like recognition or updates, please email us with your name & amount donated to receive a thank-you letter from NEPK and progress reports on the projects which were selected to be funded.

If you would like to sponsor a participant, you can either: A) give the money directly to them to bring to the jam, or B) donate online securely through PayPal and make a note in the comments section about whose admission you are paying for.  For option B, please click on "Donate Online" to the left in the menu bar.


We know you're careful when you do parkour, but accidents happen.  Basically, you have to promise not to sue anybody if you get hurt.  Please print and sign this waiver to bring with you to participate in the jam, or be prepared to fill one out at the event.  If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have a parent or guardian sign the form to participate in the Charity Jam.  NO EXCEPTIONS.